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Top 10 gifts for truck drivers

December 4, 2017 by Siri Casper |


If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a truck driver in your life, start with our list of top 10 gifts that drivers will appreciate both at home and on the road.

10. Thermos and reheatable food/drink containers

Every driver needs a sturdy thermos to keep coffee hot or ice tea cold. Thermos cups and food container pairings are sure to be a useful gift that will be appreciated year round.

9. Quick dry towel

Compact, absorbent, and ultra fast drying, these travel necessities are a geat gift for a driver.

8. Electric blanket

Make sure your driver stays warm this cooler holiday season with an electric blanket for when they take rest breaks on the road.

7. Mini tool kit

Alongside a packable first aid kit, anyone on the road for a long period of time should have a tool kit handy.

6. Portable massager

Long hours on the road will probably leaving a muscle or two aching. Help your beloved driver with a portable massager.

5. E-reader

Overnights on the road can get boring. Help provide compact entertainment with an e-reader. Some models will also host other applications which allow for many more options in entertainment - just not while driving. 

4. Solar powered window charger

If your driver has a lot of electronic gadgets, they'll appreciate an extra charger. Solar charges that attach to the window allow your driver to keep their electronics charged while keeping their cab free of cords.

3. Mini fridge cooler

Much like the mini microwave, mini fridge coolers are available at almost every department store and online. With this addition to their truck, a driver can keep healthier snack options like fruits and veggies, not to mention ice-cold drinks for hot days.

2. Mini microwave

Truck stop food may be tasty, but can also be costly when spending a long time on the road. A mini microwave will let your driver quickly heat up food and coffee on the go.

And the number on gift for drivers this year...

1. Tesla semi truck

Although deliveries for the new Tesla semi truck won't happen until 2019, you can reserve a new truck for your driver now for just $20,000, and be the star gift-giver this season. 

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