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2018 in review

December 12, 2018 by Jennifer Colvin |

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Over the course of the past year, we've been focusing on two main things: expanding our coverage, and making it even easier to track and manage your shipments.

In addition to expanding our geographic coverage to include Mexico, we also expanded our data coverage to provide a complete picture of what's happening with your ocean cargo, including location, status, vessel ETA and arrival, last free day, appointment information, and more. 

However, we know that data alone is not enough. In order to make your data truly useful, we provide a service that compiles your data, normalizes it, fills in the missing information, and verifies accuracy. See this post for a peek into what happens behind the scenes.

We also launched a number of new features, including a completely new dashboard. A few highlights:

  • "needs attention" list that identifies containers with potential problems so you can prevent costly delays
  • the ability to set alarms on containers so you can get notified when they reach key milestones
  • adding searchable tags so you can include custom data like purchase order numbers, customer codes, bills of lading, or whatever else you need
  • options for exporting your data so your information is easy to utilize and share 

In addition, we made it easier to find and manage the containers that matter most with these features:

For a closer look at how the dashboard works, see these videos:

 Looking ahead to 2019, you can expect to see even more - more data, more coverage, and more features all focused on helping you get better insight into what's happening with your shipments.

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