Crux Systems Insights

APIs provide access to more data

With our tracking service, you get more than just location information. You get a complete picture of what's going on with your ocean cargo so you can better manage your supply chain.

Now, with the release of the latest version of our APIs, you can get a more detailed view of your cargo data with additional information about the state, location, and timeline for your shipments.

The new data points include:

  • bill of lading
  • shipping line SCAC code
  • shipping origin
  • port of loading
  • loading to vessel
  • shipping destination
  • transshipment information (arrival, discharge, load, and departure)
  • UNLOC code
  • ship identifiers (IMO/MMSI)
  • Arrival timestamps (estimated and actual)
  • Departure timestamps (estimated and actual)
  • Terminal geolocation 
  • FIRMS code

This is in addition to the information that we've always included in our APIs for vessel ETAs and actual arrivals, container discharge, availability for pickup, details on holds, last free day, demurrage, and more.

For true supply chain visibility, however, data alone is not enough. In order to ensure our APIs have the most complete and accurate data about North American ocean cargo, our technology compiles information from more than 100 different sources, normalizes your data, fills in the missing information to ensure completeness, identifies anomalies, and verifies accuracy.

As soon as an update about a container is received, it's pushed out through the APIs so you'll always have the most up-to-date information about your shipments.

Additional information about the updates to our APIs is available in our Help Center, including information about how to select the version of APIs you want to use so you can control when and how you upgrade.