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Jennifer Colvin is the Co-Founder at Crux Systems.
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Export your data

From the start, we've worked hard to make data about your shipments easy to access, use, and share. That's because we understand the importance of data to your business - it can help you make better decisions, plan ahead, provide better customer service, and create efficiencies that help...

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Tracking the details that matter with tags

When managing your supply chain, you need to track more than just your container's location and status. Maybe you track SKU numbers, or purchase order numbers, or bills of lading, or customer IDs. Every business uses different information for managing their supply chain, which is why...

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Creating customized searches

April 26, 2018 by Jennifer Colvin |

Container tracking

Using the dashboard, you can track your cargo what ever way works best for you. We list containers that need your attention, show containers marked as favorites, and organize containers by terminal and vessel. 

However, you may want to organize and track your containers based on other...

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Tracking cargo: more than just location

April 23, 2018 by Jennifer Colvin |

Container tracking

Regardless of whether you're a cargo owner, freight forwarder, or trucker, the question you're probably asking most often is "Where's my cargo?"

Getting basic visibility into the location of your cargo and the estimated time of arrival at its destination is key. But that's just the first...

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Container tracking: behind the scenes

March 1, 2018 by Jennifer Colvin |

Container tracking

It takes a global network of shippers, freight forwarders, truckers, brokers, and more to coordinate the movement of more than 20 million containers that are brought into the US and Canada each year. 

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2017 in review

December 22, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |

Logistics, News

In the past year, a lot of what's been happening at Crux Systems has been going on behind the scenes, where our engineering team has been focusing on the algorithms that make our container tracking service the most accurate source of real-time container information available today.


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The name of the game: high throughput

October 18, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |

Logistics, Terminals

One thing just about everyone in logistics can agree on is that they want their supply chain to be more efficient. It's clear that if you're better at managing your supply chain, you're going to reduce operating expenses and inventory carrying costs, and be more profitable.
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When hurricanes hit: what the warnings mean

September 6, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |

Logistics, Terminals

It’s hurricane season, which can mean major disruptions to your supply chain (and your life, if you live in the path of a major storm). Several different agencies, from the US Coast Guard to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, issue warnings and advisories about major...

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Update on APM Terminals status

June 28, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |

News, Terminals

The Maersk Group is still working to recover from the ransomware attack on June 27 that had a major impact on its operations and resulted in closures at several APM Terminals.

UPDATE as of July 10:

We're now able to track all cargo through APM Terminals. However, some APM Terminals still...

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The growing digital threat to freight forwarders

June 15, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |


Newer technology companies are aiming to change the way that people manage and ship their cargo. Freight forwarders, and for that matter, freight and truck brokers, need to decide which side of the digital divide they’re going to land as a result.

In this month's issue of Shipping...

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