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February 28, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |

Container tracking

While having all the information about your import containers in one place can make life easier, it can be overwhelming if you’re dealing with cargo coming into terminals across the US and Canada.

That’s why we released a new feature that lets you customize your watchlist and dashboard to focus on specific regions. So whether you’re tracking import containers coming through Miami or Montreal, you can easily switch from a big picture view of all of your cargo to focus on one or more regions.

Choose the regions you’d like to see from your account page, and only the import containers headed to those regions will show in your watchlist and dashboard by default. If you’re tracking containers in multiple regions, you can zoom in to a specific region on the watchlist map, or use the check boxes on the dashboard to customize your view.

Email your container numbers to and they’ll automatically be added to your watchlist. From there, you can choose which view of your import container data works best for you.

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