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Creating customized searches

April 26, 2018 by Jennifer Colvin |

Container tracking

Using the dashboard, you can track your cargo what ever way works best for you. We list containers that need your attention, show containers marked as favorites, and organize containers by terminal and vessel. 

However, you may want to organize and track your containers based on other criteria.

For example, if you want to see all of your containers coming into Seattle, regardless of which terminal they are destined for, you can search for that keyword. Save the search so you can easily find that list of containers again, without having to repeat the same search over and over.

Your notes are fully searchable as well, so if you've added other information to your containers you can search for those keywords. Your notes are only visible to you - unlike tags, which are visible to everyone in your organization. Use the notes field when you want to keep information private, and create saved search lists that work best for you. 

All of your saved searches are listed in the left navigation menu on the dashboard. From the saved searches tab, you can delete or rename searches if needed.

No matter how you want to track your cargo, you can organize and manage your shipments just about any way you want in your dashboard. See what's happening with your cargo today.