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Data alone is not enough

November 14, 2018 by Jennifer Colvin |

Container tracking

Crux Systems isn't the only source for information about ocean cargo. The data is out there - it's just not easy to get. And it's not always reliable. In fact, we've found that up to 30% of the time, information about ocean cargo is either missing, incomplete, or simply wrong.

We don't provide you with data you could get on your own - especially since it doesn't meet our standards for quality and completeness. Instead, we provide something different: a service.

When you use Crux Systems to track your shipments, you get more than data. You get a service that compiles your data from more than 100 different sources, including terminals across North America, all major shipping lines, and even your own internal systems. You get a service that normalizes your data and makes it easier to understand and use. You get a service that fills in the missing information to ensure completeness, identifies anomalies, and verifies accuracy.

Behind the scenes, our algorithms automatically handle the majority of exceptions for data accuracy. And when we come across a problem that's best sorted out by a person, our operations team steps in to help. The platform then continuously monitors your shipments and provides automatic updates when there's new information. In addition, we identify the containers that have potential problems so you can take action to prevent costly delays (check the "needs attention" list on your dashboard to see if you have any containers with issues right now).

It's a complex process that fundamentally transforms your data in order to make it truly useful.

Our service also includes tools that enable you to enrich and customize your data on your dashboard. You can add searchable tags, create lists and saved searches, and set alarms to get notified when containers reach key milestones.

To make your data even more useful, we provide multiple ways for you to share your data with your supply chain partners, and export your data so you can use it in any way you choose. Using our APIs, you can integrate your data with other systems.

Data by itself is only useful up to a point. If you need more than data, check out our plans to see which service is best for you. 

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