Crux Systems Insights

Export your data

From the start, we've worked hard to make data about your shipments easy to access, use, and share. That's because we understand the importance of data to your business - it can help you make better decisions, plan ahead, provide better customer service, and create efficiencies that help make your business more successful.

The first way that most people access their cargo data is via the dashboard, where you can track all of your cargo and easily monitor the containers that need your attention. In addition, we make data available through our API service so you can integrate your data with other systems, and share it with your supply chain partners. 

Starting today, we're providing another way to make use of your cargo data. You can now export your data as a CSV file, so you can manipulate it any way you want. 

We believe that your data belongs to you. And we'll keep working on ways to make it easier to use your data to manage your supply chain and run your business. 

If you've already signed up for one of our premium plans, you can start using the data export feature today. Learn more about our plans and pricing