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March 13, 2017 by Hubert Yee |


Faster, easier and more insightful. Those are the goals we've kept in mind for the watchlist. If you're tracking a lot of containers, though, you need tools to quickly identify specific containers. Our new watchlist features will help you do just that.

Filter your watchlist

For high priority containers, you can mark them as favorites, and add notes with any additional details. You can then filter your watchlist to show just your favorites, containers that have notes or recently added containers. Click on any filter or combination and your watchlist will be sorted automatically.



Search your watchlist 

Another way to quickly filter your watchlist is by using the search feature. You can search your watchlist for something specific, like a terminal name (to see all containers associated with a specific terminal), status (to see all containers that are on ship, in the yard and available, or not available) or vessel (to see ETA).


The tools will make it easier to manage your watchlist and identify high priority containers. Share with us any new features you’d like by emailing us at We’re listening.

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