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Gate runners: who they are and what to do about them

Gate runner. It sounds like the title to this summer’s biggest feature film, but the reality is the only high speed chase in this block buster is the chase for data on a runaway container.

What is a gate runner?

A gate runner is when a container leaves the terminal by truck without the proper gate out kit including all of the required paperwork. This leaves the terminal in a state of limbo with partial confirmation that a container has left the terminal, but not concrete enough information to confirm that the container has departed. These containers are often listed as still available at the terminal.

What are the consequences?

Not having accurate information on your container can result in unexpected delivery times, or inaccurate fees and charges. Down the line, customers may not be prepared for receiving containers that are still being reported as located in the yard at the terminal, causing frustration for lumpers, warehouses, and cargo owners alike.

Got a gate runner on your hands? Here's what to do.

While every terminal is different, dealing with this issue is usually a simple process. All that's typically required is that you communicate the missing information with the terminal so they can update their system.

Customers using Crux Systems to track their cargo are at an advantage. If containers show discrepancies, incomplete data, or missing information (as is the case in these situations), our operations team will track down and correct the missing data and issue alerts to users. We’ll automatically update your container information so you, your team, and your supply chain partners will see the most current data around the container, and can take the appropriate action to plan for receiving and processing your cargo efficiently.

Avoid being the inspiration for other blogs like this one around runaway containers, and sign up for a free Crux Systems cargo tracking account today.


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