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How we provide the most accurate container data available today

April 19, 2017 by Eric Klein |

Container tracking

We get asked a lot about where we get our data. The short answer is: from a lot of places. And that's the secret...which isn't really a secret.

In order for us to be a universal source for data about inbound cargo into the US and Canada, we aggregate information from a number of different sources. That allows us to filter out outdated information, identify instances when there's conflicting data, and fill in the missing pieces to create a single, definitive record of import container information that's updated in real time.

We're able to do all this through partnerships with marine terminals, links with major service providers like GT Nexus and Compcare Services, as well as connections with steamship lines and other third parties.

Because we're able to cross-reference vessel and container information, we can quickly identify when there are problems and then track down the right information.

The end result is a model by which we manage, normalize, and administrate a truly universal and real-time container tracking and planning platform. To see how it works, sign up for a free account and start tracking your import containers today.