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Logistics companies in the collaborative economy

August 24, 2015 by Jennifer Colvin |

Logistics, Trucking

More and more companies are finding innovative ways to tap into the collaborative economy and make use of idle resources or excess capacity. While companies that enable people to get what they need directly from their peers are most often associated with the collaborative economy (like Uber, Airbnb and Etsy), a growing number of companies in the logistics space are finding ways to make it easier for shippers and truck drivers to connect with each other and get work done.

The Collaborative Economy Honeycomb chart from Jeremiah Owyang lists a number of startups in the supply chain category, including Cargomatic, often referred to as the Uber of trucking.

However, there's a whole category of logistics companies who are providing online freight marketplaces for shippers and drivers that isn’t shown in the honeycomb. And it’s a big category. According to Frost & Sullivan, online freight marketplaces could be a $35.2 billion market in North America by 2025.

This is by no means a complete list - if we’ve left someone off, let us know on Twitter @cruxsystems or on Facebook.

Online freight marketplaces:

  • finds available truck loads and truck freight
  • Cargo Chief: provides visibility to available carriers, also known as "the of trucking"
  • ConFreight: mobile-friendly freight matching marketplace
  • DashHaul: connects shippers and carriers, making truck capacity and load availability more accessible
  • DAT Solutions: the biggest, live load board
  • Freightview: streamlines freight quoting, booking and reporting
  • GetLoaded: an affordable load board that focuses on smaller loads
  • Keychain Logistics: replaces manual brokering with an automated marketplace that matches shippers and brokers
  • Load Match: matches loads, trucks, and equipment specific to inland intermodal transportation for North America
  • My Carrier Resources: helps carriers, shippers and 3PL’s find each other
  • OntheMove: shipping exchange that seamlessly connects freight brokers with business shippers and customers
  • Post.Bid.Ship: connects shippers and freight brokers, and monitors carriers to ensure they meet safety requirements
  • Quick180: facilitates intermodal exchanges
  • SynchroNet: allows customers to access and reposition containers quickly to meet demand
  • Traansmission: helps shippers find the right carriers
  • Trucker Path: provides navigational assistance, load sourcing and freight tracking
  • Trucker Planet: freight matching and transportation marketing
  • one of the largest online freight matching services
  • uShip: find, book and ship with carriers around the world
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