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Making it easy to share data

December 8, 2016 by Jennifer Colvin |


When we talk about an easy way to share data, we’re not talking about EDI. Many logistics companies use electronic data interchange standards to exchange data about bills of lading, bookings, and cargo releases. It’s supposed to make things easier, but the reality is more complicated.

According to a survey by eft, 43% of users are frustrated with EDI, calling it slow, difficult, time-consuming and expensive. In the end, EDI is a product that pre-dates the Internet and it's time for EDI to go away.

That’s why we built a platform that eliminates the need for outdated, cumbersome, and ineffective EDI files. Our platform provides one place to get real-time status information about import containers in the US and Canada.


And, we make it easy to share container status details with anyone else who needs the information inside or outside of your company.


You can send updates to truckers to confirm appointments, to freight brokers to resolve issues with holds, and to cargo owners to update them on the current status of a container.

Long gone are the days of scrambling and struggling to get accurate data. Now is the time to focus on what matters: using that data to look ahead and gain the necessary insights to run your logistics business.

See how easy it is - track a container now.

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