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Most common job in the US: truck driver

August 16, 2016 by Jennifer Colvin |


The most common job in 29 states is being a truck driver, and yet there’s a chronic shortage of drivers in the industry. Issues such as driver pay, regulations governing training and hours, and aging drivers are just some of the factors contributing to the shortage.

To address the driver shortage, the industry is looking at things like pay increases, quality of life issues and recruiting programs. Despite this, the American Trucking Association estimated that the driver shortage increased to 47,500 last year.

Some believe the answer lies in autonomous trucks, but we are still many years away from truly autonomous vehicles that don’t require a person in the driver’s seat.

In the mean time, drivers remain a key link in the supply chain, moving 68% of all domestic freight in the US, and averaging more than 100,000 miles of driving every year. With more people working as truck drivers than ever before, and more drivers needed than ever before, making the best use of driver’s time is key.  See how we’re helping drivers and freight companies do just that - learn more about our solutions.

 Image courtesy of NPR.
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