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Regardless of whether you're importing a few hundred containers into the Los Angeles area, or you're importing thousands of containers into multiple regions across the US and Canada, tracking your cargo should be the easiest part of your job.

But for many cargo owners, freight forwarders, and truckers, that's not the case. Too often, getting basic location, status, and availability information about your cargo is a time-consuming, frustrating, and manual process.

We're changing that. Instead of focusing on a specific port or region, we cover the entire US and Canada - 66 marine terminals to date. So no matter which terminal your cargo is arriving at, we can track it and send you real-time updates when things change.

In order to provide the most accurate container data available, we aggregate information from multiple sources using a variety of supported interfaces to marine terminals, shipping lines, and TMS suppliers.

Rather than setting up and maintaining integrations with dozens of different sources (or manually looking up information), all you need is one integration with our API or access via our web application in order to get real-time updates for all of your container information.

We've done all the work to integrate with the myriad sources of information about import containers so you don't have to. And when things go wrong, like when systems go down or when a terminal deploys a new interface, you'll still be able to access your data.

Just this week when a major US terminal made a change to their interface, we worked closely with their IT department to ensure a seamless transition. If you were tracking cargo on our platform during that time, you would still have received your cargo data, and you wouldn't have even known about the updates behind the scenes that made it possible.

The value we provide extends to all parties involved in moving cargo. We help terminals by providing a single point of contact (rather than dealing with 20,000 different companies) and we in turn help our customers by providing a single point of contact for all shipping lines and terminals.

This clear line of communication streamlines questions and stabilizes systems, and enables us to provide a reliable platform our customers can depend on.

If you have in-house IT systems, or are still manually looking up container information online, we can save you time and money by providing a single source of data through a web application and a modern API.

Learn more about how you can streamline your cargo tracking through a single integration with our platform.

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