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Plan your container arrivals

November 22, 2016 by Eric Klein |


We recently launched a new dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of all the containers you’re tracking, making it easy to identify the containers that have issues. The dashboard has everything you need to know about your containers, including current status, location, vessel information, holds and more. With the most up to date information in hand, you can take action to resolve any potential problems.

Customers who have been testing the dashboard have already seen a significant reduction in the time they need to spend managing their cargo, and a significant savings from having better insight into their container status so they can avoid demurrage fees.

In the dashboard, you can view containers by expected arrival date, by terminal and by vessel, and quickly see the status for all the containers you’re tracking.

Plan ahead

The inbound containers view gives you an overview of all of your containers for a two week period so you can see which terminals they are scheduled to arrive at. You can also view containers by vessel. By identifying the vessels with problem containers that have already arrived or will be coming soon, you can address any holds or other issues to prevent delays. Look at the vessels due to arrive in the next two weeks to get advanced notice about potential problems.


Prioritize and take action

The dashboard allows you to sort your containers by availability so you can identify the containers that need immediate attention. Click on the container number to see specific details that will help you manage the movement of your cargo.


To start using the dashboard, simply email your container numbers to, and we'll automatically add them. Then log in to your account, and access all of the real-time data you need about your cargo.

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