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Providing supply chain visibility to your sales team

Your logistics team may know what’s going on with your shipments, but what about the rest of the company?

The sales team at Sentury Tire needed better information about when shipments would be arriving so they could let their customers know when to expect delivery. Without access to shipment information in a usable format, their only option was to ask the logistics team for updates, an inefficient process that resulted in a lot of unnecessary manual work.

Because the sales team needed the information in the context of their customers and their orders, Sentury Tire implemented an integration with Salesforce to combine the tracking and status information about their shipments with their customer and sales information. This gave the sales team direct access to real-time updates on shipment status for their customers, and freed the logistics team to focus on managing logistics and distribution.

At the TPM conference in Long Beach, Juan Tatis, Sentury Tire's director of logistics and supply chain, explained the company's approach to integrating its logistics and sales data.


Pictured from left to right: Juan Tatis, Sentury Tire; Eric Klein, Crux Systems; Eric Johnson, JOC. Photo credit: Caught in the Moment Photography