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Seamless gate processing

May 19, 2015 by Eric Klein |

Terminals, Trucking

Our mission is to help trucks move through marine terminals faster. To do this, we partner with gate providers to bring truckers through the gate processing in a seamless manner.

Today, terminals and gate providers have to rely on external sensors or terminal personnel to capture data. That results in more complex handling and more time needed to process each individual trucker. For example, every trucker has to come to a complete stop in a gate lane, talk with a gate clerk, wait for processing to be finished, and then finally take a paper ticket for entry into the terminal.

With Crux Systems, a trucker would never need to stop in a gate lane, and would move as seamlessly into a terminal as a car passing an electronic toll booth on a highway. Not only does this reduce congestion at the terminal, but it reduces diesel emissions from idling trucks, it reduces yard space for queuing areas at gate complexes, and ultimately increases a terminal’s throughput.

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