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Shipping containers in fashion

June 25, 2018 by Siri Casper |

Odd are, what ever clothing you're wearing right now was made overseas and arrived here in a shipping container. Those responsible for coordinating the shipment of the apparel and accessories we love this season spend their days tracking their goods as they move from the factory to a marine terminal, and continue on their journey via ship, truck, and sometimes train.

It doesn't sound particularly glamorous, but managing that supply chain is a huge part of apparel business. If there's anyone who could make logistics stylish, though, it's the fashion world. And that's just what some fashion houses are doing this season.

From high seas to high fashion, shipping containers are making their debut on the world's fashion stage. Chanel put an urban industrial twist on the season's popular nautical trends by incorporating shipping containers into their prints for scarves and stoles. They even have a container ship charm featured on some high-end handbags.

Ralph Lauren also put industrial ships on some of their handbags and accessories. Of course, their collection also includes the requisite sailor pants and other nautical-themed apparel.

Off the vessel and onto the runways, now that leaders in the industry are turning standard shipping containers into works of art, it's only a matter of time before fast fashion retailers follow suit. Soon we'll all be wearing garments modeled after the containers and boxes they arrived in. You heard it here first.

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