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Tech start-ups and the logistics industry

July 27, 2016 by Jennifer Colvin |


Logistics is big. And complicated. With so many different parties involved in moving containerized cargo — from shippers to freight forwarders, shipping lines, terminals, trucking companies, rail and distribution centers — there are plenty of opportunities along each step of the supply chain to find efficiencies.

As Allen Thomas pointed out in a recent JOC article: “The logistics space is one of the last innovation holdouts. Things primarily work the same way they have for 30 years.”

The space is ripe for innovation. San Francisco companies like Haven and Flexport are streamlining the freight forwarding business, while other Silicon Valley companies like CargoChief are providing technology-enabled 3PL services and companies like Trucker Path are tackling online freight marketplaces for shippers and truck drivers.

We’re taking a different approach. All of the parties involved, including freight forwarders, terminals and trucking companies, need the same information with each shipment, every time. Today, getting answers to simple questions (when will my cargo be ready for pickup? and when will the driver actually arrive?) involves time-consuming, manual processes that kill productivity.

Our platform provides a single place for everyone involved to share data regardless of the port, terminal or trucker involved. With better insight into cargo data, all parties can better plan to move cargo more efficiently. Learn more about our solutions.