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The container terminal visibility blind spot - via American Shipper

August 19, 2016 by Jennifer Colvin |


When it comes to information about container availability and location in the marine terminals, there’s a black hole. We’re working on shedding some light on the subject.

An article in American Shipper this week featured our CEO Eric Klein and highlights how our platform provides terminals, freight companies and BCOs with better visibility into the status of import containers at marine terminals.

The data flow across Crux Systems is also, as Klein put it, “bi-directional.” That means data is flowing from the terminals to the users of Crux Systems, but it also flows back to the terminal. So if a shipper and drayage company both track the movement of their container, they can better prepare for a more accurate pickup time. Information about the drayage provider’s planned time of arrival at the terminal would be relayed to the MTO, allowing the operator to stage the container and create better fluidity in the terminal. The shipper would be able to get a better estimated time of arrival for the box to reach its receiving facility as well.

For more, see the full article in American Shipper.

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