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The digitization of ports

September 2, 2016 by Allen Thomas |


For those of you struggling to get updates on your transiting Hanjin cargo, the topic of digitization in ports could not be more timely.

On October 13, I’ll be addressing this topic at the TOC Americas conference in Cancun, Mexico in a panel discussion along with Adam Compain of ClearMetal and Adam Sulich of Ports America among others.

Why is a session on digitization and the data driven supply chain important? Because knowledge is power. And right now, with hundreds of thousands of containers figuratively adrift on Hanjin ships, the need for shippers to turn data into truly useful, actionable information has never been more pressing. When disruptions and unforeseen events like this occur, those with the best information can adapt and react faster than those without visibility into key data.

We’ll outline how the digitization of manual business functions can enhance port productivity and deliver the benefits of the next generation of “digital ports.” Key talking points will include:

  • How can the industry truly connect the dots between the different entities and applications involved in the global supply chain?
  • Collaboration and sharing data is key to success – how do we make this happen?
  • Will restrictive IT policies at ports and terminals hold this concept back?
  • How long until the idea of a fully functioning “digital port" becomes a reality? Who has shown progress already?
  • What are the risks of cyber crime and who would be the most vulnerable?

Hope to see you at the conference!

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