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The gap between connected trucks and cargo

January 26, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |


There’s been a lot of focus on connected trucks lately, and the startups looking to disrupt the space like Otto (acquired by Uber) and Peloton.

On the shipping side, there are dozens of digital freight brokers like TruckerPath and Loadsmart looking to efficiently connect shippers and carriers.

Trucks are connected. Shippers and carriers are connected. What’s missing is the connection between these stakeholders and their cargo before a container lands on a truck. That’s why we’re filling in the gap and connecting truckers, shippers and carriers with the data they need about their cargo as it arrives at a terminal.

Getting answers to basic questions like, “where are my containers?” and “are my containers ready for pickup at the terminal?” requires someone to go to multiple websites and make multiple phone calls just to track down a container's location and status information. Even then they may not have a complete view of the data they need.

Our platform eliminates those inefficiencies and provides a single place to get real-time import container data like vessel and terminal information, location, expected arrival dates, holds and more. With access to this information, cargo owners, freight brokers and truckers can better plan and manage their cargo, and be notified of potential issues in advance so they can avoid costly delays.

You’re not really connected with your cargo until you get a complete picture of where it’s at. See how easy it is - track a container today.

connected-trucks-infographic-thumb- image.jpg

Infographic from Frost & Sullivan: Start-ups Disrupting Global Connected Truck Market, 2016-2017

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