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The growing digital threat to freight forwarders

June 15, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |


Newer technology companies are aiming to change the way that people manage and ship their cargo. Freight forwarders, and for that matter, freight and truck brokers, need to decide which side of the digital divide they’re going to land as a result.

In this month's issue of Shipping Network magazine, our CEO Eric Klein writes about the growing digital threat to freight forwarders, and how they can better compete as the industry evolves. 

"Ten years from now there will still be lone freight agents servicing long-standing clients who move cargo through the odd and less-travelled lanes of the world. But as a percentage of global freight they will pale in comparison to the companies who are carving out big swaths of new territory. However, there is another path forward."

For more, see Eric's article "Time to fight or die."