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Information that's private, and information that's for sharing

August 14, 2019 by Jennifer Colvin |

Container tracking

When you track your containers on the Crux Systems platform, you get better visibility into all of the information about your shipments. You'll want to share some information with your supply chain partners so you can plan more effectively for your container arrivals. You'll also want to keep some information private. Here's what you need to know about the information that can be shared about your shipments, and what isn't shared.

Information available to everyone in your organization 

Everyone in an organization account can see all of the details about the containers your group is tracking. With everyone on the same page looking at the same information, it's easier to collaborate and manage your shipments - especially the ones that have a potential problem on the Needs Attention list

The tags that your team adds to containers are also visible to everyone in your organization so that you can track the information that matters for your business, like SKU numbers, purchase orders, or customer codes. 

Information private to your account

Some information on your dashboard is private to your own account and not shared with others in your organization. That information includes notes, favorited containers, any filters you've set, custom searches you've saved, and notification alarms you've set on your containers.

Information that can be shared with others

You can also share basic information about your shipments with your supply chain partners via text or email, including details like container numbers, destination terminals, container status, and last free day. 

Any tags you've added to your containers are not shared with anyone outside of your organization, so you can be sure that confidential information about your shipments is kept private.

For more details about how Crux Systems can help simplify your container tracking, download this one-page overview.


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