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Trucking services app now available

September 1, 2015 by Eric Klein |

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We’re excited to announce that Crux Systems trucking services are now available for trucking companies, dispatchers and drivers. A web app for dispatchers and an iOS app for drivers provide trucking companies with more insight into their delivery order status, container availability, routes and processing than ever before.

How it works

Dispatchers simply need to forward delivery orders to, and the information will be automatically imported to their account. No data entry is required. They’ll then have visibility through the web app into container availability, routes, truck locations, and pickup and drop off times.

For drivers, if their dispatcher is already signed up with Crux Systems, they will see a list of delivery orders, pickup and drop off information, routes and estimated drive times after logging into the iOS app. Drivers can also forward their delivery orders directly to and the information will be added to their account so they can get notifications regardless of whether their dispatcher is using the app.

Notifications about container availability are automatically updated, so potential problems with delivery orders can be addressed before the driver arrives at the terminal gate. The notifications are all automatic, so drivers and dispatchers never have to go to multiple sources to find the information they need.

Trucking services web app: You can sign up for a free trial online. Plans start at $35/month for container availability notifications, visibility into driver routes and locations, automatic recording of pickups and drop offs, and access to delivery order and driver histories.

Truck driver iOS app: The app is now available as a free download from the App Store. If drivers don’t already have an iPhone, leasing is available for $20/month.

For more information, download our data sheet or contact us.


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