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Typos can mean lost time and money

April 20, 2017 by Siri Casper |

Logistics, Trucking

With so many different parties involved in moving an import container through a terminal, it’s not surprising that information sometimes gets lost or mixed up along the way. It’s even more likely for mistakes to happen when data is being transcribed from websites or emails to spreadsheets and back again.

Something as simple as a typo can lead to lost time and delays while you’re trying to get things sorted out. When it happens, the sooner you can identify and fix a mistake, the better - as one of our customers recently found out.

N-Transit, a trucking company based in New Jersey, uses our platform to track 30-50 containers a week. One container they were tracking showed it would be arriving at a different terminal than the others in their shipment, so it was flagged in our system. When our customer support team looked into it, we saw that it was not with their other containers as we would have expected.

As it turned out, N-Transit was accidently given the wrong container number. Before the situation could result in anything more than just a miscommunication, we were able to notify N-Transit so they could get the right container number and get back on the right track.

If our system hadn’t caught the anomaly, they would have wasted time trying to track down a container that wasn’t even meant for them. Or even worse, they could have showed up at a terminal to pick up the container and found it wasn’t there.

This is just one way that we simplify container tracking, and help our customers be more efficient and productive. Sign up for a free account to start tracking your important containers today.

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