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Understanding your container status

October 11, 2017 by Siri Casper |

Container tracking

Terminals, shipping lines, and freight brokers have different sets of rules that determine whether a container is "available" or not. That can leave you with conflicting information, depending on the source.

To ensure we have the most up-to-date information about your containers, we consolidate and normalize data from multiple sources. Here are some of the most common container statuses you'll see when using our tracking service.


An "available" status means the container is available to leave the terminal. This could mean the container is available for pick up and delivery to the consignee, or that the container is available for delivery to an off-site facility for a required exam. The available status simply means the container has no clearance issues preventing its departure from the terminal.

Not Available

This status means the container has not been cleared to leave the terminal. There are many reasons a container may be prevented from leaving the terminal, including a variety of terminal, customs, and line holds. To learn more about holds, see our post on container holds and what they mean for your cargo.

On Ship

An "on ship" status means the container is on a vessel. You may see this status if the container is at the terminal, but is still on a vessel and waiting to be unloaded.


If your container has a "departed" status, that means your container has departed the terminal. At this time, we don't track cargo beyond the terminals.

En Route

Your container is on its way! The status for your container will be updated when more information becomes available. 

In Review

When a container has an "in review" status, that means that an initial search has returned conflicting or missing information. Our support team will work to resolve the issue and may reach out to you for additional information. Once the issue is resolved, the container status will be automatically updated on your watchlist, and our system will continue to track and update the container through its departure from the terminal.

Not Manifested 

A container can have the status of "not manifested"  if the estimated time of arrival is too far in the future, or if the vessel has not yet begun its voyage. As we get closer to the container's ETA, the status will be updated when we get more data from our sources. 

Out Of Network

An "out of network" status means the container's destination is not within our coverage area. Check out the terminals we currently cover.

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