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Update on APM Terminals status

June 28, 2017 by Jennifer Colvin |

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The Maersk Group is still working to recover from the ransomware attack on June 27 that had a major impact on its operations and resulted in closures at several APM Terminals.

UPDATE as of July 10:

We're now able to track all cargo through APM Terminals. However, some APM Terminals still have some limitations in place for delivering and receiving empties. Check with Maersk for the lastest updates.


UPDATE as of July 6: 

We are currently tracking Maersk Line cargo, except though APM Terminals. In addition, we're tracking cargo from all other lines through APM Terminals. However, because some operations at APM Terminals remain manual, we are unable to track Maersk Line cargo through APM Terminals at this time.

For additional details about APM Terminals capabilities, see the Maersk update for North American terminals.

We'll post a final update when APM Terminals are fully back online. 


UPDATE as of July 3:

APM Terminals are moving towards full recovery, but many operations remain manual. All APM Terminals are closed tomorrow, July 4 for the holiday. All West Coast terminals will be closed on July 5 as well.

Temporary phone numbers are now available to contact Maersk directly until their office lines are restored. See the update for North American terminals on their website.

  • APM Terminals Los Angeles: not delivering empties.
  • APM Terminals Mobile: no operational limitations.
  • APM Terminals Port Elizabeth: not delivering or receiving empties - see their website for more information.
  • APM Terminals Tacoma: no operational limitations. 
  • South Florida Container Terminal: not delivering empties; only receiving empty reefers - additional details are posted on their website


UPDATE as of June 30:

Further details about the operations status of all APM Terminals are available via this PDF from Maersk

  • APM Terminals Los Angeles: open; operating under manual processes.
  • APM Terminals Mobile: open; operating under manual processes.
  • APM Terminals Port Elizabeth: open; modified gate processes. Delivering imports from certian vessels - see their website for more information.
  • APM Terminals Tacoma: open; operating under manual processes. 
  • South Florida Container Terminal: open; limited gate processing. Additional details are posted on their website


As of June 28, here's the current status of APM Terminals in North America:

  • APM Terminals Los Angeles: closed.
  • APM Terminals Mobile: open.
  • APM Terminals Port Elizabeth: closed today and tomorrow. Updates are being provided by the Port of New York and New Jersey on their Twitter feed.
  • APM Terminals Tacoma: limited operations. 
  • South Florida Container Terminal: closed today. Open tomorrow, Thursday, June 29 for picking up live reefer containers 8:30 am - 3:30 pm. Further updates will be posted on their website