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Using your watchlist

October 5, 2017 by Siri Casper |


The watchlist allows you to easily manage all the containers you're tracking. From this view, you have the ability to:

  • add containers to your watchlist for tracking updates
  • see all the containers you are tracking
  • filter your active containers
  • favorite containers for even quicker access
  • make notes on containers with important details

You'll also see a map view which provides an overview of the number of containers in the different regions. Keep reading for more on our map feature.

Filter and search features

You can choose a preset filter option to see only recently added containers, your favorites, or containers with notes. Or, search for containers on your watchlist by vessel (to see all containers on a specific ship), by container status (to see all containers that are available for pick up, for example), or by terminal. 


Map features

When you first log in to your watchlist, the map will show the regions associated with your containers. Drill down by clicking on the pin, which indicates the amount of containers in the region. From there you will see the terminal location and a list of the containers associated to that terminal. You can also click on a container number to see additional details.


Notes and share features

To add a note simply click the notes link, and enter your note in the popup box. You can now share this information with your team easily by clicking the share button. Choose between text or email and personalize your message before sending.


Favorites feature

To add a container to your favorites list, click on the star icon at the top left of the container box. You can also filter your watchlist to show only your favorited containers using our preset filter option.


Tracking your container has never been easier. Our watchlist takes the headache out of tracking and managing real-time data for your cargo, saving you time so you can read another blog about the different containers holds you might find on your cargo here.

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