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We don’t have a plan, a pilot program or a test project

March 6, 2017 by Eric Klein |


Having worked in the logistics industry for more than 20 years, I can tell you that everyone is still complaining about the same issues year after year. Talk to anyone in the industry, or look on social media or a trade publication, and you’ll see the same things.

We need to move cargo more efficiently. We need better visibility. We need better collaboration.

And yet, no one is sharing information.

For years, people have been saying that something needs to be done. While there certainly has been talk about pilot projects and talk about plans that serve the purposes of a single group, terminal or port, we haven’t seen something that will help everyone.

There simply hasn’t been anything that truly delivers the kind of visibility that people need and the openness that alleviates the pain points between different logistics parties. It’s just been more of the same.

I was tired of this common refrain and lack of action, and decided I was going to do something about it. That’s how I began on this path, and why I invested my own time and money to start this company. Instead of just talking about what should be done, I brought together a great team to take action and build a solution.

Do you want to know where your import containers are? We can tell you, right now, and with the simplicity of a Google search. We are talking about what you can do this very second. Seriously. Stop reading. I’ll wait. Go to and enter an import container number for any container headed to the US and Canada.

We’ll tell you where your container is and its status. If it’s still on a ship, we’ll tell you its estimated arrival date and which terminal it will be arriving at. We’ll let you know if it has any holds, and its last free day. If our system doesn’t find the information automatically, our support staff will follow up.

What’s more, import container visibility is just a small part of what we do. We supply the type of collaboration between cargo owners, freight forwarders, truckers and terminals that helps move cargo faster and more efficiently.

This isn’t a plan, a pilot program or a test project. This is a platform that works.

To date, our customers have achieved a massive reduction in container delays, penalties and dwell times. This is not talk or hyperbole, but fact. Over the last six months, our customers have reduced dwell times from an average of four days to two days. They’ve also reduced demurrage fees from tens of thousands of dollars to zero.

So stop waiting for things to change in the logistics world. Things already have changed for the better.

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