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Where the data comes from

February 8, 2019 by Jennifer Colvin |

Container tracking

If you're comparing the information on your dashboard with another source, you may see differences. That's because we don't simply pass through data from any one source.

Instead, we compile information from more than 100 different sources, including terminals across North America, all major shipping lines, TMS systems, and more. Our algorithms normalize the data, fill in missing information, and verify accuracy. And when we come across a problem that's best sorted out by a person, our operations team steps in to help.

What you see on your dashboard is the data that our algorithms have determined is the most accurate, based on our knowledge of terminals and shipping lines and the insight we've gained from tracking hundreds of thousands of containers into North America. 

Our service also includes tools that enable you to enrich and customize your data on your dashboard. You can add searchable tags and notes, record scheduled events, create lists and saved searches, and set alarms to get notified when containers reach key milestones.

In addition, your dashboard is automatically updated when there is new information available about your shipments, so you can be sure you always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date data available.