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You can travel by container ship - here’s how

January 19, 2018 by Siri Casper |


Before you jet off for your next vacation, you may consider taking another route. Although traveling by container ship isn’t especially popular, that’s exactly what makes it an appealing option for those looking for an uncommon adventure.

A simple Google search will bring up agents who specialize in booking container ship travel around the world. At about $100 per day per traveler, it’s an affordable (and unique) travel opportunity few people take advantage of.

If you are considering traveling by container ship, keep these things in mind:

1. There’s an age limit

Most lines have an upper age limit of 80 years old.

2. But you can bring a lot of baggage

The typical weight limit for baggage is 200 pounds - well beyond the the 15 pound limit some airlines impose for carry-on luggage. But you’ll be responsible for hauling all 200 pounds of your luggage on board a ship.

3. Pack your own entertainment

There are no programmed activities on working vessels (besides the mandatory safety drills) so you’ll have to be prepared to make your own fun.

3. Be flexible

Delays in ports or bad weather can create delays, so your journey may be longer than expected. And if you’re going somewhere outside of normal trade routes, you may have to take multiple vessels to reach your final destination.

4. Remember these are working vessels

While traveling on a working vessel, you’ll mix and mingle with crew members. You’ll also be exposed to conditions that commercial cruise ship avoid, such as soot on the deck or extreme weather on certain passages.

5. There’s limited amenities

Traveling on a cargo ship may not be glamorous, but many newer vessels have gyms and even pools that you can access and share with crew members. Apart from modern world luxuries like wifi, you can opt to sit on the bow and take in the sights.

Taking the route less traveled may not be mainstream or everyone’s preference, but we can guarantee it will make for a great dinner table conversation once you’ve reached your destination.

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