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Your data: access and share with APIs

April 7, 2017 by Eric Klein |

Container tracking

Too often, crucial data about your import containers is incomplete, isolated on different websites and systems, or missing all together. You need complete data to get complete visibility into your container's journey from origin to destination terminal.

However, providing visibility into all of your container's information is just part of the solution. What's just as import is how easy it is to access and use that information. You can't collaborate with your supply chain partners if you can't share data. And in the complicated ecosystem of supply chain management, collaboration is key.

Our APIs make it easy to both import data into our platform so you can automatically find and track your containers, and share your data with your supply chain partners.

For inbound data, we've developed API integrations with key third-party platforms ranging from small, in-house systems to the most well-known and widely used software systems out there today. If you're running on something we haven't integrated with yet, that's no problem.

For outbound data, our APIs push data directly from our service to your service. Your data is available in real time on our platform, and shared with the parties you want in real time as well. There's no lag, so everyone's working with the same information at the same time.

None of this is based on outdated EDI flat file transfers, or web services that require third parties to continually poll for data. What we're offering are APIs that give you control over your data, and the ability to share your data with the parties you choose in a modern, flexible, and powerful way.

Learn more about our APIs, or contact us for more information about how BCOs, freight forwarders, and trucking companies are using our APIs to simplify their container tracking.

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